Thursday, July 16, 2009


Now you get to meet my baby!

This is Madilyn, but we call her Maddie. She was born 4 days after Marshal was, so she is just now coming up on one year and 5 months old. This dog is an absolute spaz! But she is my dog. :) She has some puking.. and tooting issues. Just about every time she sees my our best friends Larissa and Chris she gets so excited and worked up that she throws up all over them! Now.. if it were just Chris, that would be amusing. But she gets it on Larissa too, who turns hulk smash green and looks like she is going to break something...

(Sorry for the horrendous quality of this pic, it was taken on my phone and it was nearly dark.)

Teehee! So she came into heat a little earlier than I had counted on. I had her scheduled to get fixed like the next week, but uh oh! Mother nature blew in a little early! I couldn't leave her outside all day because it was way to hot, so I had to rig up some panties for her! She hated it so bad. I got a pair of my old ratty panties and used rubber bands to secure them, put a couple of maxi pads in there and voila!


I'll start off with my all time favorite picture of my baby boy. Marshal is a miniature red dachshund. He was born on Valentines day, 2008. So at the time of this post he is 1 year and 5 months (and 2 days!) old.

He is laying on my hubby's shoulders as we go down the road and I was able to lean over and snap this pic of him watching out the window with my phone.

Did I mention this is my favorite picture of him?

LoL. "Sometimes mom, I really hate you."

Look at that face!

He is such a character! He is absolutely obsessed with toys, more than any other dachshund I have ever seen. He completely freezes when we hold up one of his toys and will just stand there staring at it, shivering with anticipation until we toss it for him.

The Ferret!

Everyone, may I introduce... Milo the Ferret!

Now, you may be saying to yourself.. Aww. What a cute little critter. Ha ha, my friend, ha ha.

This is the face of evilness! Of pure impish mischievousness! No inside sole of a boot or
roll of toilet paper is safe!

He will not hesitate to rip your face off and drink your blood!!!
........Okay maybe that is a stretch.

He's a sweet little guy. He likes to attack socked feet, but when you pick him up he just loves all over your face. I just love watching him do his little war dance all over the floor. Him and my Boston Terrier wrestle for hours. I just wanna squeeze him!